Review : Spascriptions Lux Elixir Facial Oil

Having a combo skin, leaning on the dry side, Facial Oil has been an added treat to my skin!
Here’s one oil that I’ve been enjoying!

This is a combination of Oils- Notable are the Bulgarian Rose, Argan & Avocado.
Other ingredients include Olive oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin E., Grapeseed Oil, Squalane. – swipe for the full list.

My Experience :
🔸This has a light rose scent, not a big fan of the rose scent but this one does not bother me at all as it is very subtle.
🔸Though this is a combo of oils, it feels like a dry oil- it is absorbed well, no sticky feeling! My skin feels moisturized & nourished every time!
🔸Like any other oil, a little goes a long way. If I use it in place of my moisturizer, 3 drops are enough for the entire face & neck. Or if I want to add this to my moisturizer, 2 drops are ok.
🔸I love pairing this with my Gua Sha! 4 drops when using it.
🔸Of course, I would not miss adding this with body lotion or a few drops for my hair too!
🔸Comedogenic factor-safe rating is 2 or less. Since avocado has a comedogenic rating of 3(moderate likelihood-still safe for skin that is not prone to clogging) I only use this 2-3 times the most. But having said this, I have NOT noticed an increase of clogged pores. I just want to put it out here.
🔸No paraben, No SLS Not tested on animals!

Such a lovely pair with Gua Sha!

I find this oil a nourishing one. An all-around oil! No tacky feeling, so it’s a joy to use! It’s a big 50ml. bottle, so it’s really value for your money with so many uses!
4🌟/5 -YMMV

Review : Good Molecules Niacinamide Serum

Niacinamide aka B3 is another ingredient that I consider a staple in my routine.
Benefits of using this are truly exciting:

🔸minimize pore appearance, decreased hyperpigmentation/ improve uneven skin tone, diminish dullness, ability to boost hydration of moisturizer, helps keep sebum under control too.

Niacinamide is very much compatible with other skincare ingredients like peptides, retinol, AHA, AHA, Bha, Vitamin C & other oxidants. Hence you also see Niacinamide mixed with other serums.
Here’s my take on Good Molecules’s Niacinamide, formulated with 10% of it. (*studies say 5% should be used to see effects)

🔸This is slightly viscous but applies and absorbed like a dream!
🔸Skin feels soothed too, no tacky after-feel!
🔸Can’t detect any scent.
🔸So easy to add my routine! I didn’t have any irritation at all!
🔸Half a dropper for entire face & neck, either in the Am or Pm, sometimes on both routines. Layering my serums from the thinnest to thickest.
🔸Skin feels hydrated too and my T zone is less oily. (combo skin)
🔸Yes, I’ve noticed my skin has less texture & some blemishes did fade(with the help of my Vitamin C too!)
🔸This is a perfect pair with their Niacinamide toner! (almost out of it 😭) I really noticed a more even skin tone!
🔸For the price of $6 for 30ml., how can you beat that!
🔸They are Cruelty-Free too! Yes!

Watch how it hydrates my skin so well!!

✴️Overall, another great product from Good Molecules ! I am enjoying all the products that I have tried from them. Affordable, have seen results, what more can I ask for! Skincare does not have to be expensive to work! This is part of my giveaway prize but would surely purchase! Created an account on their site now! 🙈😀 5🌟/5 YMMV

Review : Thank You Farmer Cleansing Water

Do you have a Midday Routine?
I do one, though not every day. I have to right after cooking as I feel all the oil, grease and sweat are on my face!😅
Here’s what one product that I prefer to use.

◾What is it?
As the name suggests, it is water used for cleansing. But it is not an ordinary tap water as it is infused with ingredients that can hydrate & nourished! Which certainly our water can’t do!
🔺Upon checking the ingredients online , & comparing from the box, I noticed they have reformulated. This version has shorter ingredient list .

◾This one contains 83% of Iceland Moss Extract, a soothing & is nutrients rich.
◾Other ingredients:
Caprylyl Glucoside(mild surfactant)Evening Primrose oil extract(helps retain moisture), Ulmus extract(moisturizer/anti inflammatory) Pine Needle extract(antiseptic) Glycerin(Humectant) Pueraria Lobata root extract(anti inflammatory/moisturizer) *swipe for full ingredients.

Review : Lalusessentials Orange Whipped Cleanser 🍊🍊🍊

🍊Claims: A refreshing ‘souffle gel’ rich in Safflower seed oil that floats away makeup, excess sebum & dulling impurities that can block pores.
🍊 Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera juice leaf, Safflower seed oil- rich in linoleic acid which is non-comedogenic, great for removing dirt & oil. This oil is may also use for the treatment of psoriasis, eczema & acne.
Orange peel oil(EO) – my skin is resilient with EO’s so this is fine with me. Just putting it out here bcoz you might have reactive skin & might want to consider this. ALWAYS PATCH TEST!